According to the phlogiston theory, a universal carrier of substances exists with inflammable properties, known as the phlogiston. The theory goes that this substance exists in all flammable objects and is released when the object is incinerated

FLOGISTO CONSULTING was founded in 2002 with the objective of supporting companies in their adaptation strategies in two areas: human resources and business processes

Our methodology is based on two fundamental principals also found within the phlogiston alchemy theory:

  • Our objective is to generate reactions with a clear and tangible evolution, in which the situation prior to and after intervention, reflect two different realities.
  • We believe that learning to unlearn is essential. That is, we believe in unearthing inefficient past habits in order to be able to incorporate new formulas or behaviours which achieve better results.

Our services are organised into Four Business Units, each one offering professional services personalised according to each specific problem and hallmarked within organisations operating in demanding markets.

Our strength comes from our project development team, providing total commitment to achieving results and fully dedicated to the client.



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